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Jo Hell is a charismatic artist with a bold stage act that always delivers a one-of-a-kind live music experience made for real lovers of Blues and Rock.
Born and raised in Montreal he began his career playing locally before moving to the USA and finding a base in Austin, Texas. Jo Hell and his band arrived in 2006 to play the SXSW festival. They became the house band at the Nuno's on 6th Blues Club and were also featured at the Red, White, And Blues Festival at Waterloo Park in July of 2006. While performing frequently in the Live Music Capital of the World in famous venues like Antone's, the band hit the road around Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee and California merging their unstoppable Montreal roots with the deep-south sounds and it's rich musical culture.

In 2009, the Jo Hell Band traveled to Belgium to headlining the "Pjeireblues Festival" performing for the first time in Europe. Returning to Canada they perform for the third time at the Montreal International Jazz Festival.